Fairy Moon Butterflies iPhone Case Carved Engraved design on Real Natural Wood - For iPhone X/XS, 7/8, 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, SE, 5/5s, 5C, 4/4s


Brand New Made to Order iPhone Case with Real Natural Wood. On the back of each case is made of wood that is engraved with a design. Each case will have a different wood grain pattern because of the nature of the natural real wood. Wood is a product of nature, and as such, no two pieces are alike. The wood pieces we use are completely made in the USA and are 100% real and natural. They are green and eco-friendly.

Description for the Tough and Thick case (iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus, 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, SE, 5C, 5/5S, 4/4S):
• These cases are heavy duty, tough, protective and stylish.
• This case is a 2-part case which means that there are two pieces of cases that make up the whole case. It's double-protective.
• Outside the case is a tough hard plastic case while inside is a black rubber lining that protects the phone even more.
• All buttons and ports are easily accessible. There are openings for the camera lens and buttons.
• Use only an Apple charger with the tough/thick iPhone case. 
• We offer the TOUGH Case because it's very sturdy, durable and lasts a very long time. We've been using our Tough case for over 3 years now. This is a very good quality case.
• Available in Black and White color case

Description for the Slim and Thin case (iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus, 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, SE, 5C, 5/5S, 4/4S):
• Slim and light weight case made of hard plastic.
• Very easy to snap on and off the iphone.
• This case covers and protects the back and sides of the iphone.
• There's a small lip on the front of the case.
• Case does not have a front cover.
• This is a one-piece slim and thin case.
• Available in Black, White, Clear color case

** The iPhone X/XS Case is only available in the SLIM Case.

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