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Littlest Pet Shop Figures Baby and Mommy Complete Set

by Toys
Type: Toys

Littlest Pet Shop Figures Baby and Mommy Complete Set
Brand New

Littlest Pet Shop Figures Baby and Mommy Orange Tiger & Baby Tiger #3593 & #3594, Pig and Baby Pig #3595 & #3596, Elephant and Baby Elephant #3597 & #3598, Poodle & Baby Poodle #3599 & #3600, Dachshund and Baby Dachshund #3601 & #3602, Bird and Baby Bird #3603 & #3604 - Complete Set - Bundle

Bundle - Complete Set Mommy Pig#3595 and Baby Pig #3596 With Yellow Bottle
Mommy Tiger #3593 and Baby Tiger #3594 with Purple Hearts Treat
Mommy Elephant #3597 and Baby Elephant #3598 with Blue Bottle
Mommy Bird #3603 and Baby Bird #3604 Butterfly Binkie Actually Fits in Baby Birds Mouth
Mommy Poodle #3599 & Baby Poodle #3600 With Purple Mirror and Mommy Dachshund #3601 & Baby Dachshund #3602 With Chew Toy


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