Monster High Picnic Casket Doll 2-Pack Exclusive

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Monster High Picnic Casket Doll 2-Pack Exclusive NIB

Monster High Picnic Casket Doll 2-Pack: Frankie Stein and Jackson Jekyll have thrown together a casket full of goodies, and they're off to find a sport for a creepy cool picnic. Is this just a friendly get together for lunch, or is there a real spark in the air between these two fangtastic friends? Coordinated with matching blues and yellows, these two come with a silver picnic casket, as well as water bottles and cootie cakes they can sink their fangs into. Frankie looks electric in graphic prints: her signature black and white on her dress' bodice, blue with black on the bottom. A yellow collar and bow sash match Jackson's killer yellow pants. The yin and yang decal on his blue t-shirt is a typical Jackson Jekyll statement. Both dolls have scary cool sweaters to stay warm when it's cool and to-die-for accessories, like lightning bolt earrings for Frankie and yellow sunglasses for Jackson. Dolls cannot stand alone.

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